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EMCREG-International strives to be the international leader in high quality, independent medical education in the emergency medicine specialty.

Vision Statement
EMCREG-International will be recognized as an international standard for educational programs that are of the highest quality, current, and independent of influence from any source.

Mission Statement
  1. We will serve as the premier source of medical educational information for practicing clinicians caring for patients with acute and emergent illnesses and injuries, as well as for clinicians in training.

  2. Our educational presentations will utilize the most innovative approaches including symposia, enduring materials, and web-based formats as well as other evolving approaches to transmission of medical information for the medical professional.

  3. Our speakers and writers will be free to speak and write for our educational programs as experts without influence from industry sponsors or associated institutions.

  4. We will use the emergency cardiovascular and neurovascular fields as a foundation but wish to expand our educational offerings to virtually all areas of care for the acutely ill and injured patient in the office and emergency setting.

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