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With well over one and a half million combined Emergency Department (ED) visits at EMCREG sites annually, EMCREG-International is ideally positioned to conduct clinical trials quickly and efficiently. Additionally, as academic emergency clinician educators, EMCREG provides an ideal format for educating the emergency medicine community on cutting-edge evidence-based research, and facilitate acceptance and understanding of current treatment guidelines.

The wealth of experience and clinical acumen associated with such a geographically diverse network of veteran clinician researchers has resulted in the development of the consultation arm of EMCREG-International. These consultation efforts are geared toward helping companies understand both the clinical usefulness and obstacles associated with embracing a new diagnostic or treatment technology in the clinical ED setting. The drive to identify and assess new technologies is equally important to the clinicians making up the EMCREG network as it is to the manufacturers of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities.

The ability to consult with such a large number of well-known and geographically diverse emergency physicians in a round table discussion setting has proved invaluable to industry efforts to assess the clinical utility of a promising new diagnostic or therapeutic technology. Will a promising technology ultimately be practical in the clinical ED setting in its current form?; What are the practical, clinical and political obstacles to adopting promising new technologies?; and What alterations to a technology or its marketing would allow its utility and acceptance in the ED to be realized? This ability to rapidly organize such an expert panel with minimal effort has proved appealing for companies facing short development timelines.

Please feel free to contact our offices if the idea of a consultation roundtable or collaboration interests your organization.

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